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An extension for extracting and downloading toots (posts on Mastodon) for text mining and analysis.

Cite this program

If you use this extension for your research, please reference it as follows:

Moncomble, F. (2024). MastoScraper (Version 0.7) [JavaScript]. Arras, France: Université d’Artois. Available at:

Important notice

Mastodon, which forms part of the fediverse, is unlike most other social networks. Please reflect on the your planned use of the content you are scraping, and consider studying the terms and conditions of the various instances you are drawing data from.
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Firefox add-on



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Instructions for use

Known limitations

Searching by instance and language is not built into the Mastodon API, meaning that results are filtered from the whole query response, which may take some time depending on the chosen criteria.